Set of 5 guns – Mousqueton Berthier

– 3D-printed resin equipment
– Digital sculpted and modeled
– 1/35 scale
– Perfectly reproduced French “BERTHIER Mod 1916” weapon
– Ideal for early WWII figures and dioramas, vignettes and displays
– Accessory supplied in packs of 5, ready to paint. Glue and paint not included.


Set of 5 guns – Mousqueton Berthier

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The Fusil Mousqueton Berthier Modèle 1907/15, also known as the Mousqueton Berthier 1916, was a variant of the Fusil Mousqueton Berthier used by the French army during the two World Wars. It was introduced in 1916 in response to the need for a shorter, more maneuverable weapon for use in trenches and close combat on the Western Front.

The Fusil Mousqueton Berthier 1916 was chambered for the 8mm Lebel cartridge, which was the French army’s standard cartridge at the time. It had a shorter barrel than the standard 1907/15 Berthier Musket Rifle, making it better suited to trench combat conditions.

The rifle Berthier 1916 is now available in 3D printing at 1/35 scale, the référence contain a batch of 5 rifles, ideal for use on models and dioramas depicting the 1940 French campaign.

3D-printed guns are supplied without printing supports, but still require cleaning before painting.

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